Thermal IR Imaging Inspections by Certified Professionals providing Green Energy Efficiency Infrared Testing  
Green Energy Inspections Help Reduce Carbon Footprint and Increase Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation

Green Thermal Infrared Thermographic Inspections: Sustainable Maintenance, Infrared Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation


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There has been a national call for energy efficiency and a reduction in our carbon footprint. With the Green Initiative, and President Obama’s stimulus package, Thermographic Inspections or Infrared (IR) inspections have a positive impact on the environment and the building owner, whether Residential, Commercial or Industrial.

Infrared scanning tests are performed to identify problems in building structures, which result in higher energy bills and consumption, such as inadequate or wet insulation. An energy infrared inspection locates the precise areas in need of repair and provides the client an infrared image of the deficiency in the building. Once repaired the client reduces energy costs and their carbon footprint. Hence, Infrared is considered a diagnostics tool in the Green Initiative.
  Infrared is also a key identifier for moisture in building structures. Using Infrared technology clients are able to assess a buildings hidden damage and sustainability prior to purchase or prior to warranty expiration. By conducting an Infrared Study clients can save thousands of dollars in eventual repair costs by identifying the problems early on. In addition, a Thermal IR scan conducted by a properly Certified Professional may be used as documentation in legal proceedings.

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Go Green with Thermal Moisture Imaging™
Thermal IR Imaging Energy Efficiency Testing!


What is Green Energy Thermal Testing™?
  • TMI® uses Infrared Imaging to identify specific locations of air infiltration, and heating or cooling loss through missing insulation, damaged insulation or wet insulation.
  • Roofing, TMI® identifies energy sapping wet roof insulation.
  • Use less electricity/fossil fuels to sustain environment.
  • You Save Money and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. Clients have targeted areas identified by the “Green Energy Test” repaired by qualified contractors, which result in a reduction of energy consumption and carbon footprint.
  • A post repair thermographic inspection is always recommended to our clients to verify proper repairs.
  • Saves money on energy loss and avoid expensive repairs from ongoing hidden moisture damage.
Thermal Imaging by Certified Professionals is Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-destructive and Non-invasive - eco friendly.
  • No Chemicals
  • No Drilling/Scraping
  • No Repairs from IR testing
  • Sustains the life of building materials by detecting latent moisture damage.
  • Decreases consumption of our natural resources.
  • Identifies cost effective ways to lower your energy consumption.
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