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Infrared Building Diagnostic Survey
Infrared Mechanical Survey
Infrared Roof Survey
Infrared Baseline Survey
  Thermal Moisture ImagingTM Infrared Inspections can be used to assess electrical, mechanical and machinery equipment. Thermal Moisture ImagingTM infrared scans can locate defective connections or components prior to failure. A temperature increase indicates areas, which could lead to failure of the component. Infrared Inspections can be used as a tool for preventive/predictive maintenance monitoring by facility managers and owners. Infrared Inspection Surveys should be conducted before warranties expire on mechanical and machinery equipment.

By identifying these problem areas early, remedial measure can be taken to ensure safety and reduces costly repairs and equipment downtown to our clients.
Thermal Moisture ImagingTM Infrared Surveys are noninvasive and nondestructive. Using the latest infrared cameras and diagnostic equipment our certified thermographers scan, test, and diagnose building problems and building conditions. Our infrared test scan be used to monitor and document pre and post repair building conditions. Thermal Moisture ImagingTM provides a premium service utilizing the highest levels of quality control, accurate data collection, and detailed reporting.

Thermal Moisture ImagingTM:Infrared Camera

Infrared Water Damage : Roof Leaks

Infrared Scans: Leaks in Buildings

Thermal imaging inspections provides us with a picture of a specific condition of a building. Infrared cameras allow us the ability to see and locate what the naked eye is unable to detect. Infrared images can capture thermal anomalies from moisture or water damage, roof leaks, stucco, EIFS, and window leakage. Infrared Scans are able to locate water and moisture intrusion in buildings by thermal patterns.
  A Building Envelope survey can locate missing or deficient insulation, water leakage or moisture in commercial buildings, energy loss from windows and doors and flat roof surveys for water intrusion. Thermal Moisture ImagingTM Infrared surveys can pinpoint water damage, by locating leaks in buildings, roofs, and heat loss from missing or deficient insulation.
  • Thermal Moisture ImagingTM Infrared Testing to investigate suspected water intrusion problems in building structures.
  • Thermal Moisture ImagingTM Infrared Testing to prevent and predict equipment failure.
  • Thermal Moisture ImagingTM Infrared Testing to reduce downtime of equipment.
  • Thermal Moisture ImagingTM Infrared Testing to reduce costly and unnecessary repairs.
  • Thermal Moisture ImagingTM Infrared Baseline studies for electrical, mechanical and machinery equipment.
  • Thermal Moisture ImagingTM Infrared Testing before a contractor beings work.
  • Thermal Moisture ImagingTM Infrared Testing after a completed project.
  • Thermal Moisture ImagingTM Infrared Testing before a Real Estate Investment.
  • Thermal Moisture ImagingTM Infrared Testing before Warranty expiration.
  • Thermal Moisture ImagingTM Infrared Testing to identify and locate water infiltration into roofing systems.
  • Thermal Moisture ImagingTM Infrared Testing to locate areas of energy loss.
  A Picture in Real Time
Identify the location and source of your problem quickly and accurately
Reduce energy bills
Reduce Unnecessary and Costly Repairs

Thermal Moisture Imaging™
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Hospitals and Healthcare
Schools and Universities
Hospitality Industry
Property and Facility Managers
Insurance Industry
Real Estate Industry
International Association of Certified Thermographers (IACT)
National Association of Women Business Owners® (NAWBO®)
U.S. Green Building Council Member
ASTM International
Woman Business Enterprises
Building Science Certification
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